Citywide Newsroom


Mayor Statement:


Last night was what a lawful demonstration looks like.


I appreciate the efforts of all of our law enforcement officers, both local and state, and I want to thank them for the professionalism they have demonstrated.


I was out on the street last night and was grateful to see people voicing their opinions peacefully.  And I was also encouraged to see acts of gratitude and positive personal interaction between demonstrators and our men and women in uniform. 


However we are maintaining our level of resources and we are preparing for the weekend ahead. 

We are thankful for the support of our business community as we try to return to a normal business schedule.


Our uptown area is largely open for business and we are working to return to normalcy.


Last night I signed a city wide curfew between the hours of midnight to 6 a.m. The curfew is a tool that allows us to adjust enforcement at the discretion of our law enforcement officials.


Our corporate communications division has compiled a list of frequently asked questions and here are a few answers to questions we have been receiving.



I understand we have more work to do in the community going forward as we continue to address the disparities that still exist.


Video Questions

I will be working very hard to get to a point where we can release the video but I am also respecting the investigative process of the independent investigation by the SBI. The video is one piece of the investigation and the SBI will present comprehensive information when appropriate.


Willile Ratchford Statement:

I want to thank Charlotte for rising to the occasion and proving that we are a community where we work toward tolerance and understanding.

I want to thank Charlotte for providing a different narrative and visuals from the night prior, and demonstrating that we can express our different viewpoints in a peaceful manner.

It is with this approach that we can seek truth - together.

I will continue urging each of you, members of our community, to come together in peace.

This is our community and I expect everyone to come together to do what is right, what is just, and what is based on factual information and not speculation.

Let's continue to work together to seek the truth, find the solutions that foster trust and strengthen our community.