Land Development

Urban Reviews

City Engineering coordinates the Urban Design Review process with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission and the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT). The Urban Design Review team will schedule the initial conceptual site plan meeting and facilitate plan/permit review and approval.  Urban Design Review includes projects zoned Uptown Mixed Use District (UMUD); Mixed Used Development Districts (MUDD); Transit Oriented District (TOD) Overlay; Pedestrian (PED) Overlay; and Transit Station (TS) Overlay Projects.

Conceptual meetings, which are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, are required prior to plan submittal.  To schedule a conceptual pre-submittal meeting, please complete an Urban Meeting Request form

Please note, when submitting an Urban plan for review Accela Citizen Access must be used.  In the on-line application, select the appropriate Urban project type to alert reviewers that this is an Urban project. Separate use​r fees are applicable for plans submitted under the Urban Review process.  

Commercial Plan Review Process - Step by Step!The Urban Review process is similar to the Commercial Plan Review process.  Please visit the Commercial Plan Review "Step-by-Step" for detailed informa​​​tion on navigating the process.

Please contact Cate Marshall, Urban Project Coordinator, at 704-336-3599, with any questions.​​