Land Development

Street Acceptance 


The City of Charlotte will begin the street acceptance process for a development or the recorded phase of a development after all required infrastructure is complete and inspected by a Site Inspector providing verification that the improvements meet approved City standards. Follow the Subdivision Inspection Guidelines included in the Pre-Construction Information Packet, which provides a description of the items reviewed and required by the City. 

The City of Charlotte will accept the streets located within the limits of the City of Charlotte.  These streets must also be contiguous to streets currently maintained by the City or the State of North Carolina.  For subdivision plans approved after April 15, 2005, there is a requirement of 75% occupancy of homes or a one (1) year time frame from the intermediate course placement.


·         Request a Final Inspection by completing a Final Inspection/Bond Release Request Form when all required infrastructure (with the exception of the final inch of pavement) is complete.  Please note, storm water as-builts have to be approved BEFORE any final inspections can be scheduled.  Design ditches must shown on as-builts.  Street maintenance is petitioned by completing the Continuous Maintenance Request Section of the form.

·         Final Inspection:   The Site Inspector will walk a final inspection with the developer of an agent of the developer and complete a punch list.  The final inch of pavement will be listed on the punch list.  Please note, the punch list can be voided after sixty (60) calendar days. 

·         Punch List Conformance: Notify the Site Inspector upon completion of all punch list items.  A representative should be present during the final reinspection to make sure all items are complete and in conformance with City standards.

·         City Street Acceptance:  Upon the Site Inspector’s authorization that all required infrastructure is complete and meets City standards, a report is sent to the City Manager’s Office requesting acceptance of the streets.  Upon approval of the City Manager’s Office, the streets will be accepted for City maintenance. 

·         Notification of Street Acceptance:  The developer will receive written verification that the streets have been accepted by the City.  


Streets located within the extra territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) outside of the City limits are not eligible for City maintenance.  In this instance, a petition must be submitted directly to the State of North Carolina for acceptance of the streets for public maintenance.  All ETJ projects and State streets follow the state standards and specifications (unless subdivisions plans require City of Charlotte’s Standard, including 1 year or 75% occupancy, before surface course may be applied and the streets accepted for maintenance).  

To begin this process, developers will need to request a final inspection by the City, as outlined in the process.  City Inspection staff will coordinate with the State, and a State representative will be present at the inspection.  Please note, the streets need to meet a density of 2 homes per 1/10-mile.  Once density is met, the Roadway Petition Summary for State Street Maintenance must be completed and submitted.   The Roadway Petition will require a signed off punch list from the City Inspector and the NCDOT Inspector.

Related Resources:

The following documents are useful in the Street Acceptance process, and can be found in the Pre-construction Information Packet:

  • Steps to Approval for Paving Subdivision Streets - Construction guidance and steps to achieve Subgrade, Stone Base, and Asphalt Paving approval by LD Site Inspectors.
  • Field Density Report  - Provides the acceptable format for Field Density Reports, required to be submitted to LD Site Inspector during street subgrade and stone base construction.