Land Development

Single Family (Residential) CO Hold Release Request

When construction is satisfactorily completed, City Engineering and Urban Forestry inspectors will release their "holds" that have been placed on the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for the project. To determine what holds have been placed on your project, view the Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement website at Complete the following information in order for City staff to respond to your request.

Who are my LD inspectors? 

Need to determine who your inspector is?  Visit the Charlotte Explorer GIS Map at https://explore.charlottenc.govand turn on the layer "Planning --> Land Development - Construction Inspectors" and "Land Development - Urban Forestry Inspector."  Once you click on your parcel to determine the inspector for your project, their contact info will show up on the left side of the map.  

What work is required to be finished before the holds are released?

The following link will provide you with the inspection checklist: Homebuilder's guidelines for inspections. These requirements must be met in order to not delay your CO.  For a "Subdivision Single Family City Engineering Hold" on a residential property, a city site inspector will inspect the home to ensure that the site has safe access, the drainage plan is followed, the required sidewalk and trees are properly installed. All work must be 100% complete prior to submittal of this hold release request!

When will my hold be released?

Your inspector will make every effort to inspect your site as soon as possible, but please allow three to five (3-5) business days. If a hold is not released within five (5) business days, then contact your inspector directly. 


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