Land Development

Request for Informal Review per Session Law 2014-120, Section 29.(c)


The informal review process specified by Session Law 2014-120 Section 29.(c) (link to text of law on is applicable to Regulatory Authorities operating a local government program (i) that grants permits, licenses, or approvals to the public and (ii) that is either approved by or delegated from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources or the Department of Health and Human Services.                                               

Only regulatory review requirements issued under authority granted by the following City of Charlotte Ordinances are eligible for the Informal Review Process specified by Session Law 2014-120:

  • Post-Construction Stormwater Ordinance (City Code Chapter 18, Article IV)

  • Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Ordinance (City Code Chapter 17)

  • Zoning Ordinance Watershed Overlay Districts for Mountain Island Lake & Catawba River/Lake Wylie (City Code Appendix-A, Chapter 10, Part-5 & Part-6)​


Complete and submit the form linked to below to request Informal Review as described in Session Law 2014-120. Instructions on completing the form are included:

Form to request Informal Review Per Session Law 2014-120​