Land Development

City of Charlotte Development Services


Guiding Principles

We are the ambassadors for the City of Charlotte’s Development Services.  We aim to provide all customers with courteous, responsive, accessible and seamless customer service.  We achieve our goals in a collaborative environment consistent with the City’s development vision, policies, ordinances and processes and in accordance with established professional standards.  

Our Vision

​Partnering with our customers to efficiently, effectively and collaboratively build a safe and thriving community.

"​​​Partnering for a safe and thriving community..."

​Standards Covering All Customer Interactions

"Customers have a right to expect ... "

  • Courtesy, respect, honesty and professionalism.

  • That the staff person will listen to their request/question, ask for clarification if necessary, and provide complete, knowledgeable, accurate, and precise information regarding their inquiry.

  • The staff person will make a reasonable effort to provide information about the City and, as appropriate, other outside agencies related to their department's/division's function.

City of Charlotte's Customer Service Standards


"Customers have a right to expect that ... "

  • Telephones will be answered promptly. 

  • Calls will be answered in a courteous manner.

  • Callers will receive acknowledgements of their voicemail messages within 24 hours on regular business days.

  • Outgoing voicemail messages will be kept current and voice mail messages will be changed on days that the City is closed.

  • If a caller is on hold for an extended period of time, periodic updates will be provided.


"Customers have a right to expect that ... "

  • They will be given reasonable advance notice of meetings.

  • Meeting notifications contain accurate information (date, time, place, point of contact,

  • telephone number and directions).

  • They will be informed of schedule changes or cancellations prior to the meeting.

  • Meetings will start on time and end on time.

  • City staff will be professionally engaged during the course of the entire meeting and will limit the use of electronic devices.

  • Meetings will be organized, run efficiently (proper equipment and handouts), and conducted in a professional manner.

 Written Correspondence

(Includes Letters, Memoranda, E-mails & Faxes)

"Customers have a right to expect..."

  • Information regarding their inquiries is complete, accurate and precise.

  • A timely ​response to their request or an interim communication explaining the delay. A timely response for e-mail is within 24 hours on a regular business day and for letters is within five business days.

  • All e-mails to contain a subject line, and a signature block including: the staff person's name, title, City of Charlotte, department,telephone number, and e-mail address.

  • Fax cover sheets are legible, includes name, telephone number and department of the sender and the name and fax number of the receiver.

In Person Contacts with Field Personnel

"Customers have a right to expect ... "

  • When a resident approaches a City employee who is doing work in the field, whenever possible, staff will attempt to answer the question if it pertains to the employee's duties, or if the employee knows the answer.

  • If a question pertains to an area outside of the employee's scope of duties or
    department, the employee will explain it is outside of the scope of their duties, and will
    instruct the resident to call 311. This will provide the resident
    with the correct information they need to contact the department that can answer their question.​​

​​4/30​/2013; updated 2/27​/2017