Land Development


The submitted information will be logged in for a detailed review by an Engineering reviewer. The review progress can be tracked in Accela Citizen Access. 1st submittal As-built reviews are completed within 15 business days. If the as-built cannot be approved, any revisions that are required will be relayed to the applicant as redline comments on the As-built survey plan. Subsequent submittals also have a 15 business day turn-around time. Final approvals will be noted in Accela Citizen Access and an e-mail will be sent to the applicant to alert them of approval.  Once all as-builts have been approved the assigned Site Inspector will then be notified that a project can progress toward CO Hold Release for Commercial projects, and Bond Release and/or final Street Acceptance process for a Subdivision Street.


There is a review fee required for Asbuilt Review for projects over 2 Years from Approval Date. See Fee Schedule.


An expedited as-built review is available for those projects that need review and approval of as-builts faster than the typical 15-business-day review.  Expedited option provides a 3-day review timeframe, after which either comments or an approval will be provided.  The "As-built Expeditedrecord type is an available choice when creating a new application on Accela.  The Expedited Review fee is ​added for this option as well as any other applicable user fees.  (see the current Fee Schedule referenced above for amount)


The Engineering team has prepared multiple checklists to aid in the preparation & review of as-built surveys.  These are mainly a staff review tool, but it is encouraged that surveyors/engineers use the checklists as a guide to verify all required information is shown prior to submittal:

Storm Drainage
Detention (Surface and Underground)
Extended Dry Detention
Sand Filter
Wet Pond
Permeable Pavement