Charlotte Land Development Standards Manual

​CLDSM CAD details

The .zip files below are archive files containing AutoCAD .dwg files of the CLDSM standard details. Right click on each .zip file and select "save as" to download each to your computer. 

To open the .zip archives you will need the free WinZip software​.​
1000seriesDWG.zip1000seriesDWGMiscellaneous infrastructure standards
1100seriesDWG.zip1100seriesDWGStreet section details
2000seriesDWG.zip2000seriesDWGStorm drain standards
2100SeriesDWG.zip2100SeriesDWGStorm water BMP details
3000seriesDWG.zip3000seriesDWGErosion control standards
4000seriesDWG.zip4000seriesDWGTree standards
5000seriesDWG.zip5000seriesDWGMiscellaneous standards
USDGseriesDWG.zipUSDGseriesDWGStandards for urban street design