Charlotte Land Development Standards Manual

500350.03Concre​​te Control Monument
5004A50.04ASafety Rail16
5004B50.04BSafety Rail Warrants19
5005A50.05AStreet Name Sign9
5005B50.05BStreet Name Sign9
500650.06Street Sign Installation Locations13
5007A50.07ADead End Street Barricade
5007B50.07BDead End Street Barricade General Notes
5008A50.08AEnd of Roadway Marker (ER-1)4
5008B50.08BEnd of Roadway Marker (ER-1) Guard Rail Clamp Installation4
5008C50.08CStreet Connectivity Sign for End-of-Road Barrier4
5009A50.09AParking Standards
5009B50.09BParking Standards Continued1
5009C50.09CParallel Parking Standards8
5009D50.09DAccessible On-street Parallel Parking16
5010A50.10AAccessible Parking and Signage Standards18
5010B50.10BSupplemental Van Accessible Sign (R7-8P)18
5010C50.10CSupplemental Accessible Sign18
501150.11Signage and Pavement Markings at Roundabouts1
501250.12Emergency Vehicle Median Crossover13
501350.13Directional Crossover with Raised Medians
501450.14Piano-style Crosswalk9
501550.15Raised Crosswalk17
502050.20Inverted U Rack Bicycle Parking15
502150.21Post and Ring Bike Rack15
502250.22Bicycle Lockers