International Government Relations

Coordinating Official Relationships and Visits

International visitors looking to connect with the City of Charlotte are encouraged to contact the Chief of Protocol to facilitate interactions with elected officials and city staff.  The Office of International Relations can identify community partners which may aid visitors with knowledge generation and information sharing opportunities available in the Charlotte region.

The City of Charlotte's Chief of Chief of Protocol also works with the North Carolina Consular Corps to further global connections. Additionally, the Office is responsible for is keeping up connections with the governments of Charlotte's sister cities and encouraging citizen diplomacy in the community.

A sample of services provided include: arranging meetings with elected officials and city staff, sharing best practices on programs and policy, expediting official invitations for City representation at events, and help managing requests for welcome letters or proclamations.

If you have a protocol request, are hosting an international delegation, or are interested in connecting with a sister city, please e-mail the Chief of Protocol. If you are interested in community opportunities to celebrate

 If you are interested in applying for a grant to celebrate our official relationships, please check out the Charlotte International Cabinet Matching Grant Program. The program provides matching grants up to $5,000 for up to 4 organizations or groups per year.


Additional Official International Partnerships

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North Carolina & Moldova

Mecklenburg County & Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany

Partnership Memorandum of Understanding between Charlotte and Shenzhen, China

Partnership Memorandum of Understanding between Charlotte and Nanning, China