International Government Relations

"Our most cogent diplomats cannot achieve peace without understanding, 
and understanding can only be achieved through the hearts of people."

- Dwight D. Eisenhower

Charlotte's Sister City relationships are run by a committee of volunteers. The City encourages citizen diplomacy and direct contact with our sister cities through educational, cultural and civic exchanges. The City of Charlotte is a Member of Sister Cities International. Each of our sister Cities has a Facebook group that you can join! You'll find those links below. 

If you have a protocol request, are hosting an international delegation, or are interested in connecting with a sister city, please e-mail the Chief of Protocol. If you are interested in community opportunities to celebrate an existing sister city, contact Charlotte Sister Cities

Arequipa, Peru (Ah-Reh-KEEP-Ah)
Charlotte's first Sister City. Arequipa became our Sister City in 1962
Charlotte - Arequipa Sister City Relationship on Facebook

Krefeld, Germany (Kreh-feld)
Krefeld became a Sister City in 1985
Charlotte - Krefeld Sister City Relationship on Facebook

Baoding, People's Republic of China (Bow-ding)
Baoding became our Sister City in 1987
Charlotte - Baoding Sister City Relationship on Facebook

Voronezh, Russia (Vah-ROH-nesh)
Voronezh became our Sister City in 1991
As a show of support for Ukraine, City Council voted unanimously to suspend ties with Voronezh on March 28, 2022.

Limoges, France (Leem-OGE with a soft g)
Limoges became our Sister City in 1992
Charlotte - Limoges Sister City Relationship on Facebook

Wrocław, Poland (VROTS-wahv) 
Wrocław became our Sister City in 1993
Charlotte - Wrocław Sister City Relationship on Facebook

Kumasi, Ghana (Koo-MA-si)  Kumasi became our Sister City in 1995
Charlotte - Kumasi Sister City Relationship on Facebook

Charlotte International Cabinet Matching Grant Program

 The Cabinet Matching Grant Program is designed to help groups and organizations foster peace and prosperity with Charlotte’s sister cities or enhance the community’s cultural awareness of other established international relationships that have memorandums of understanding. The program provides matching grants up to $5,000 for up to 4 organizations or groups per year.

How to apply:

  1. Confirm eligibility: review Grant Program Description
  2. Review program materials- review guidelines and application deadlines, ensure that your organization can meet these requirements
  3. Select project- Confirm with your organization what project you will submit to request funding
  4. Begin application- Fill out your application using this form

Documents you will need to complete your application:

Contact Us:

Please contact Emily Yaffe with questions or to request a paper application at or 704-336-2512.