Green Crown Program


SWIRL may be new to Charlotte but it has been long in the making. What originally started in 2014 as the Celestial Cakery, SWIRL is the next sweet step in Ella & Curtis Stone's baking progression. Being an environementally friendly business that promotes sustainability was a core value as SWIRL was undergoing it's design and concept phase. Whether its a single or a twelve-pack, all of our cupcakes are sold in recycled boxes from local suppliers. Even our assorted desserts are packaged in recycled plastic containers. We built sustainability into the bakery beyond the day to day supplies also. Our all of our lighting is LED, our water heater is a tankless on-demand heater, our equipment is Energy Star certified, our toilets are low-flow, our floors are bare concrete, our ceilings were left exposed, and we did a ton of our own labor during construction. Our staff built the front display counter, sourced and installed our tile, sourced and installed our countertops, built the bar top tables with locally sourced live edge slabs and raw iron table legs, installed our own kitchen equipment, and since we live across the street from our bakery... we also walk to work every day.