Green Crown Program

​Queen City Grounds

From our very beginnings, we at Queen City Grounds have always taken the responsibility of operating our business in an environmentally sustainable way very seriously (the staff even calls our owner: SustainaBill).  

One initial primary focus was to avoid generation of waste, especially single use plastics, by serving coffee drinks in reusable mugs and offering pasta stirrers at our condiment stations.  No plastic straws allowed, we're mostly paper, but have tried other materials like hay, bamboo or other compostable plastics.  All to-go packaging and tableware is either paper or compostable plastics.

From our bake case to our beer taps, our partners are local, and our head chef is a wizard at optimizing our efficient food program.  An arrangement we're especially proud of is our partnership with Mecklenburg County Parks & Recreation to convert our coffee grounds into compost for soil enrichment in local public spaces. 

Whether it be the bike rack outside or the many plants beautifying and cleaning the LED lit air inside, we strive for ways to be better stewards of our planet's resources!