Green Crown Program

​Lenny Boy Brewing

Lenny Boy Brewing found its roots in owner Townes Mozer’s college laundry room where he began experimenting with kombucha production and fell in love with the craft. His passion for fermentation and sourcing local ingredients led to a broader production, including a wide assortment of beer in the 31,000 square foot brewery expansion 3 years ago. The dedication and drive behind the 2,200 barrels of beer brewed in the last year stems from the “Culture Matters” motto adopted by all Lenny Boy staff, playing off of brewing culture and creating a compassionate, supportive work environment. With fresh and creative small batch kombucha releases every Tuesday and beer releases on Thursdays, Lenny Boy keeps their loyal clientele looking forward to innovation while continuing production of their beloved flagships.

Creating a sustainable and eco-friendly business has been the driving force behind many of the green practices implemented in the Lenny Boy brewery and taproom. With a focus on strict recycling implementation, utilizing LED lights, reducing plastic use and purchasing recycled materials for packaging, the goal is to reduce waste as much as possible. By donating spent grain to local farmers, purchasing local ingredients, providing internships for Charlotte area students and participating in the biannual Adopt-A-Stream river cleanup, Lenny Boy hopes to give back to the community that supports a sustainable brewery in the heart of Charlotte.