Green Crown Program

How to earn Green Crowns

To apply establishments must be performing environmentally sustainable practices in the following areas: waste management, energy and water conservation, pollution reduction and commitment to the community. Participants must earn at least one point in each category, and at least 10 points total to become eligible. There are 40 points eligible to obtain. The recognition will be eligible for one year. At the end of each eligibility year, the establishment will need to re-apply if they choose. Tiers for certification are as follows:

  • One Crown: 10-15 Points Total
  • Two Crowns: 16-20 Points Total
  • Three Crowns: 21+ Points Total

Waste Management

  • Use recyclable packaging (2)
  • Offer email receipts (1)
  • Offer optional paper receipts, straws, plastic bags, and/or take-out containers (1)
  • Purchase, use, or sell recycled materials (2)
  • Eliminate the use of Styrofoam (3)
  • Recycle food waste and/or compost (3)

Energy and Water Conservation

  • Install energy efficient appliances, lightbulbs, fixtures, and/or systems (2)
  • Use electricity generated from renewable sources (3)
  • Purchase and use low flow toilets (3)
  • Serve drinking water only on request (1)
  • Use rain barrel for plant, herb, and garden watering (2)

Pollution Reduction

  • Purchase and use fuel efficient delivery vehicles (3)
  • Offer bike racks (1)
  • Use organic cleaning products (1)

Commitment to the Community

  • Donate to, sponsor, or host community organizations, programs, or events (2)
  • Purchase products from local or regional suppliers (3)
  • Pay for employee community service hours (2)
  • Offer internships for local students and residents (3)
  • Donate unconsumed, perishable food to a food shelter, homeless shelter, or other non-profit organization on a regular basis (2)