Green Crown Program

​Heirloom Green Crown Restaurant

​Heirloom, a farm-to-fork restaurant, is located in the Coulwood/Mountain Island Lake community of Charlotte. With a mission to be “locally sourced, globally inspired,” Chef-Owner Clark Barlowe uses his extensive training and travels to create a menu that features vegetables, fruit, seafood, meat and beverages produced in North Carolina.

The restaurant has earned three crowns from the City of Charlotte’s Green Crown Program for their deep commitment to the community and strong waste management skills. The establishment uses recyclable packaging and no Styrofoam, composts its organic waste, waters its garden with rain barrel as well as performs many other environmentally sustainable practices to help protect the environment.

The chef’s relationships with growers, producers and purveyors across the state allows Heirloom to offer the freshest food available and with a constantly changing menu, repeat guests find each visit to Heirloom offers a unique culinary experience.