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Free Range Brewing

​Free Range Brewing

​The Free Range Brewing story is really just beginning and they welcome you to come be a part of it. Their adventures in beer making are as varied and dynamic as the seasons and environment around them; from big city foraging to quiet farmland harvests. Free Range prefers to let the ingredients dictate the process, whether in a brettanomyces fermented blackberry wild ale, juicy hop-bombing IPA or a sourdough-bread fermented farmhouse ale.

The brewery composts and makes straws optional for customers. The establishment is up fitted with energy efficient lighting and low flow toilets. Bikers are welcomed and use the bike racks provided by Free Range. The business also purchases products from local vendors decreasing their carbon footprint.

Free Range Brewing is the labor of love from brothers, Jeff and Jason Alexander. Raised in Eastern North Carolina, they’re definitely cut from the same cloth, but with distinctly different personalities.