Green Crown Program

​Charlotte’s Green Crown FAQ

Is my establishment eligible?

Establishments must meet the following requirements to apply:
1. Physical location within Mecklenburg County.
2. Sell food and/or alcohol for on-site consumption.
a. Excludes establishments such as grocery stores, ABC stores
b. Includes establishments such as restaurants, pubs, bars, and breweries
3. Food trucks registered within the City of Charlotte are eligible
4. Maintain at least a score of 90 from the Mecklenburg County Health Department

How do I apply?

Click here (takes you to the guidelines/application)  for access to the application. The Office of Sustainability certifies businesses quarterly. New businesses are added to the website to be featured monthly. There is no cost to apply.

How long is my establishment certified?

The Green Crown is active for one year from date of issuance. After each year, you will have to reapply. After your year of participation, we will ask two follow up questions:
1. Did you implement any new sustainable practices this year? If yes, what were they?
2. Did you see a change in utilities consumption and/or operating cost?

What does my establishment receive for participating?

Each qualifying establishment will receive a certificate denoting their accomplishment for display. Additionally, all qualifying businesses will be listed on the city’s Office of Sustainability webpage.

How do I find eating and drinking establishments that have achieved the Green Crown?

(list of locations) for a map of qualifying establishments.

Why is the city doing this program?

Given Charlotte’s rapid growth, the city is constantly evaluating services to identify areas to streamline operations. Promoting sustainable practices amongst restaurants means less waste going into our landfills, and a reduced strain on our resources.