Gov University

     Civic Engagement

Once you know how government works, it’s time to get involved. It can be as simple as voting on local issues, volunteering in your community, attending public meetings or serving on boards and commissions. Regardless of your age, there are several ways to get engaged with local government.​​

​Apply for a grant

You're not in this alone. The city has several grant programs that can help get your community project off the ground.

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Get involved in local government

Decisions made at the local level can have an immediate impact on your daily life. don't let decision be made for you, with​out you.

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Build your neighborhood

You care about your neighborhood and you want to see it flourish. Learn what city investments are planned for your community and what resources are available to you and your neighbors. 
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​The City of Charlotte has several opportunities for residents to volunteer based on their interests.

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Youth Involvement

You're never too young to get involved in local government.

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 City Events