Keeping You Safe

Fire and Life Safety Education

The Charlotte Fire Department is about much more than fighting fires when they happen. Staff also works hard to educate the public about fire safety as well as general safety issues. That includes working with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to teach fire education programs to every third-grade student.

In the 2014-15 school year, the department reached that 100-percent goal, providing the program to 555 classrooms of 11,969 third-graders. In addition to those students, educators also presented the program to 36 private/charter third-grade classrooms.

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Fire and life safety also includes information about smoke alarms, how to prepare a home fire-escape plan, and how to conduct an evacuation drill at your workplace.

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Fire Prevention Bureau

Preventing fires also starts on the ground, whether it's ensuring new construction is up to code requirements, checking thousands of fire hydrants to ensure they are in good working condition, or conducting inspections.

Staff reviews land development and building plans, works with rental properties, assesses safety protection systems and even evaluates public/private water supplies to ensure they will provide adequate municipal fire protection.   

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