Finance Department


The Fi​nance Department​ is one of four​ support departments in the City of Charlotte’s organizational structure. In addition to the City, our customer partner base includes other municipal, county, state and federal government agencies along with community agencies, businesses, and residents promoting governmental collaboration and efficiency.

Finance is responsible for maintaining the City's general ledger, billing and collection of utility payments, accounts payable and receivable, issuing bonds, risk management, financial reports, and managing the City's investment portfolio.

RFQ Underwriting services

The City is seeking responses to this request for qualifications (RFQ) in order to establish a pool from which the City will select qualified firms to serve as senior and co-managing underwriters with respect to certain City of Charlotte bonds and notes.  Any firms added to the pool as a result of their response to this RFQ solicitation will be included in the pool for a 3-year time period.

The City intends to periodically review the pool, no more than semi-annually, to provide firms with the opportunity to present their qualifications to serve the City and assure the pool reflects the needs of the City.

The acceptance of a firm into the pool does not guarantee participation in bond deals or vest the firm with any rights with respect to the City.

if interested download and fill out the Request For Qualifications for Underwriting Services.