Free Rabies Clinic & Low-Cost Microchipping

​Animal Control Community Events - Free rabies clinic and low-cost microchiping... Mecklenburg County residents can receive free rabies shots for their dogs, cats, and ferrets.   Any pet owners that have a dog or cat can get a $10 microchip.

In order to serve the pet owners in a timely and uninterrupted manner, owners must be in line by 10:45am. This is to prevent longer wait times when we open at 11am for regular business.

This service is for Mecklenburg County pet owner residents. Please bring a picture ID with your current address. If your address on your ID is not current, please also bring something with proof of address (can be utility bill, car registration, lease, etc) that shows your current address. If you do not have a picture ID you will be turned away.

Please the read the following instructions

  • Dogs must be leashed and cats in carriers.

  • Please have cats in separate carriers as this makes it easier to administer the rabies shots without having to take them out of their carriers.

  • NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES PLEASE!! This can cause dog fights and people becoming entangled and cause people to trip.

  • Dogs must be in regular collars or harnesses. NO CHAINS are allowed to be used as collars.

  • All dogs and cats that are coming to receive a rabies shot MUST be at least 4 months of age. Any animal brought that is under 4 months will be turned away. If you have any papers that shows a birth date on your pet you are welcome to bring that with you.

  • If you bring prior rabies certificates your pet could receive a 3 year shot.

  • Your pet will not receive a rabies vaccination from us if it is requested more than 30 days before the previous shot’s expiration date. Rabies vaccinations requested within the final 30 days or after expiration will be given. 

  • If you are bringing an animal to the clinic for a family member, friend, or neighbor, you MUST have their photo ID (or a photo copy of their photo ID) with their current address and written permission for you to get their animals vaccinated.

  • There are two lines that are created at 7:00am (looking at the shelter from the street): a rabies line on the left near the pasture yard/barn and a spay/neuter line on the right at the main entrance to the shelter. The spay/neuter line will start at 7:00am. The rabies line will start at 8:00am. Note: owners in line for the spay/neuter services are there by appointment only.

  • Rabies shots need to be current before the owner can purchase a required city/county pet license.

  • You have the option to purchase a city/county license at the same time that you receive your rabies certificate. If you wish to purchase a license, you can do that at the same time you receive your rabies certificate. A license is $30 for unaltered pets and $10 for spayed/neutered pets. If we do not already have proof in our database that your animal has been altered then you will be asked to pay the $30 license fee. You are encouraged to bring proof of spay/neuter with you to get the $10 license fee.

  • We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard.

  • The clinic runs until 11:00am so owners who arrive before 10:45am can be served prior to opening for regular business. This is set in place this way to better serve the pet owners faster and giving one-on-one attention.

  • Owners that come for the free rabies shots will receive a number so you can rest at your car. The cut off time is promptly at 10:45am. Everyone who received a number before then will be served. Anyone that comes after 10:45am will be referred to the next clinic date.

  • Numbers are called in groups of ten. You are welcome to wait in your car but make sure you listen for when your number is called.

  • Please note that there could be a long wait to receive your pets vaccination so we appreciate your patience. Feel free to bring a book or something to do and even a chair if you choose not to wait in your car.

  • *The monthly spay/neuter clinics held at the shelter are held on the same day BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If your pet needs spay or neuter services please click h​ere to fill out an application. ALL surgery appointments on the day of the clinic have first priority when the clinic starts.*

  • No appointment needed to come to a rabies clinic. Just come on the Second Saturday of the month between 8:00am - 10:45am.

Start Time: 08:00 AM
End Time: 10:45 AM

​8315 Byrum Drive

Charlotte, N.C.

Julia Connor
Volunteer Event