Emergency Information

Shelter in Place

Shelter in Place is a method to help keep contaminated air out of your home. 

When advised, immediately follow these steps:

Shelter:  Go inside. Bring pets in, if possible.

Shut:  Seal house so contaminates cannot enter 

  • Close and lock windows, doors and fireplaces

  • Turn off ventilation systems such as heating, air conditioning, fans, stove, dryer, etc. 

  • Use duct tape and plastic to seal windows, doors, vents, electrical outlets and holes around pipes and fixtures. 

  • Go to an above ground room (not basement) with the fewest windows/doors. 

  • Listen to radio or TV. 

  • Avoid using the phone if possible.

Listen:  Unless in immediate danger, do not leave your home unless you are instructed to do so.

  • Make "go packs" in case of evacuation

  • If evacuating, use routes suggested by authorities. If possible go uphill, upwind.