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Meet the Committee

​​The volunteers who comprise members of the Community Relations Committee are an integral part of the human relations support system for the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. CRC members pursue activities that

  • ensure fair housing practices and access to public accommodations;

  • assist in settling dispute and group conflicts;

  • improve race, ethnic and community relations;

  • prevent discrimination; and

  • improve communication among various community groups and individuals.

If you would like to be considered for an appointment on the CRC, please contact one of the following.

City Clerk's Office:


County Clerk's Office:



​​Connect with the Committee

2021 - 2022 ​Committee Members

Vanessa Clarke - Chair
Delores Reid-Smith - Vice-Chair

Nicole Arnold
Toya Bailey
Braxton Becoats
Alicia Benjamin
Sonya Black
Jeronica Cain
Krista ChaChra
Evelyne Del
George Dortche
Anthony Forman
Bonnie Foster
Lucille Frierson Sabb
Scott Gartlan
Karen Gipson
Charlene Henderson
Morgan Hinton
Laura Leftwich
Justin Lyons
Adrienne Martinez
Joi Mayo
Temako Mccarthy
Michael McIntosh
Arun Nair
Debbie Nash
Kimberly Nelson
Joseph Raines
Barbara Ratliff
Tonya Rivens
Erinn Rochelle
Samuel Smith, Jr.
Jared Thompson
Tatyana Thulien
Yvette Townsend Ingram
Najam Usmani
Shalinda Williams