Source of Income Protections (SOIP) Policy

City or County Supported Housing


​The Source of Income Protections for city supported funding developments went into effect August 22, 2022. The policy became effective for county supported/funded housing on September 20, 2022. 

Individuals may use our online complaint form SOIP Complaint Form or call our hotline for assistance in completing the form, 704-336-5160.

Source of Income Protections complaints must be filed within 180 days of the denial.

​Yes. The Community Relations Department was appointed by City Council and the County Commissioners to investigate Source of Income Protections Policy violations allegations. 

​A list of properties is available on the City's Housing and Neighborhood website - Source of Income Protections

Yes, if you were told over the phone that your type of lawful income is not acceptable. It will be helpful, but not required, if you know the name of the individual you spoke with, and the day and time of day of the call.

​Please report the day, time, individuals involved and information regarding the alleged retaliation to your Source of Income Protections investigator. If you have not been assigned an investigator, email sssss or call 704.336.5160.

​No, income must be verifiable if that is the company's policy. 

No, income must be verifiable if that is the company’s policy

​No. You don't need an attorney; however, you may have an attorney or representative at your expense. The Community Relations Department will not serve as your representative. The department is a neutral third party who will investigate to determine if the SOIP Policy has been violated at a property that has received either city supported housing or county supported/funding housing after their respective policy effective date.

​Yes, however we would like to see if the complaint is resolved through the corporate office before you file the complaint. 

No, in order to investigate the complaint, we will need to have a signed and notarized complaint. 

​The complaint will be considered closed after the investigation is completed. 

​The investigator will confirm that the denial occurred within the 180 days, and involved a city or county supported development after the policy effective date and was based on a lawful source of income. Once a signed and notarized statement is received, the investigator will send a notice to the alleged violator (Respondent) that an investigation has been opened, along with a copy of your statement. The investigator will request a response to the allegation and any supporting documents from the Respondent, as well as any supporting documentation from the Complainant. After reviewing the information and conducting interviews, if necessary, a determination of whether a Source of Income Policy violation took place will be determined. All parties will be notified of the determination. If no violation took place, the case will be closed. If a violation took place, the Respondent will be addressed depending on the level of violation. 

If a case has been opened, the Complainant should contact their assigned investigator. 

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