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Facilitating positive intergroup relations for 50 years

Community Relations recognizes a key component to having a successful community is the ability of its residents to feel trust for those with whom they come into contact regularly; particularly those who may be perceived as being “different” – racially, ethnically, economically, geographically, politically or generationally.

To bridge gaps and open lines of communication, trust and understanding, Community Relations periodically holds community forums inviting residents and local officials to build relationships through conversation, dialogue, discussion and even debate. Whether the topic revolves around schools, budgets, religion, or basic ​human rights, Community Relations, along with partnering agencies like the Community Building Initiative (CBI) and Mecklenburg Ministries (MM), feel strongly that community dialogue can pave the road to a smoother future in Charlotte-​Mecklenburg.

Past community dialogues include discussions around poverty, civil rights, gun violence, neighborhood issues and specific events such as the Trayvon Martin case and Elmwood Cemetery​.​

​Community Dialogue programs are held several times a year and residents are encouraged to inquire about upcoming programs that may be of interest.