Message from the Executive Director


Dear Residents of Charlo​​tte - Mecklenburg,

In my 30 years of human relations work, I have come to believe that Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents, like those in so many communities across America, experience frustration in having honest and substantive discussion between groups that don't share the same race, religion, generation or socioeconomic background. The work of the Community Relations Committee (CRC) focuses on intentional intergroup relationship building through four core work areas:

  • conflict resolution

  • police-community relations

  • fair housing

  • inter-group relations

Many events of the past several years have painfully illustrated that tolerance continues to be a challenge for communities across our nation. Just turn on the news and you'll quickly see that our community is certainly no exception.  

As a civil rights enforcement and human relations organization, the CRC and its staff have an obligation to our community to provide opportunities for all who choose to participate in the great American experience. We must diligently strive to leave no one behind and to make assurances that everyone, regardless of their station in life, has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Our community is a community of friends and neighbors of different races, colors, faiths, ethnicities, ages, incomes and nationalities. We hold the same diverse representation of life. As Americans, there is certainly more that unites us than divides us. As citizens of the globe, we must remain mindful of the commonalities that comprise humankind. CRC must continue down its chosen path, striving for an environment of peace and harmony for all Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents, including immigrants.

The path toward equality and inclusion is beneath our feet when we venture to communicate about difficult issues, reflect and receive knowledge, foster understanding and model tolerance for others. To our partners, members, customers and all Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents, thank you for joining our journey.

Willie Ratchford, Executive Director

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations