​Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Enforcement During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mass Gathering Enforcement

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) has been tasked with enforcing the Mecklenburg County Public Health director’s order on mass gatherings prohibiting all indoor and outdoor public and private gatherings of 10 people or more, except for the limited purposes permitted by the Stay at Home Order

CMPD is managing the order through voluntary compliance with education, dialogue and cooperation from event organizers, businesses and community members. Residents can report mass gatherings that violate the order by calling 311 or filing an online report.

Mass Gathering Definition

Mass gatherings are defined as 10 people or more in an indoor or outdoor singular space. Outdoor singular spaces are areas enclosed by fences, physical barriers or other structures. For example, fairs and festivals or club events with 10 people or more within a building, and arenas conducting shows with 10 people or more.

Gyms, fitness centers, health clubs and theaters are prohibited from operating at this time and are considered mass gathering establishments. A separate March 23 Executive Order requires additional business to stop operations effective March 25.

Establishments exempt from this order include airports, medical facilities, malls, office environments, child care centers and grocery stores. Residents can report mass gatherings that violate the order by calling 311 or filing an online report.

Excessive Pricing

The city and county have also issued restrictions on excessive pricing, commonly referred to as “price gouging.”

A business charging unreasonably excessive prices for goods or services that are used during an emergency is unlawful. This includes goods or services used to preserve, protect or sustain life, health, safety or economic well-being of people or their property. If a violation is observed, CMPD will take a report which initiates the investigation. The Attorney General’s Office manages most cases involving excessive pricing.

Residents can report excessive pricing by calling 311 or filing an online report.

Non-emergency Calls

The CMPD is encouraging community members who need to report non-emergency crimes online. Residents are asked to report non-emergencies online to prevent 911 emergency lines open from being overwhelmed. Non-emergencies that can be reported online include:

Residents must provide an email address to report a non-emergency online.

To report information anonymously, residents can submit tips to Crime Stoppers online. This service is NOT for emergency tips. Please call 9-1-1 to report an emergency.