Corridors of Opportunity

Corridors of Opportunity

Beautiful, safe and prosperous communities are places where families can grow strong and build legacies for the future.

Corridors are vital to the health of Charlotte’s communities, serving as links that connect people to the resources and businesses they need to live and thrive. With a $38.5 million investment, the City of Charlotte is renewing its commitment to six key corridors.

Six Key Corridors

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Beatties Ford/Rozzelles Ferry

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Graham Street/North Tryon

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Sugar Creek/I-85

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Freedom Drive/Wilkinson

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West Boulevard


Council Annual Strategy
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Fiscal Year 2021-2025


Residents Affected

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Layers Legend

Corridors of Opportunity:

A part of the $38.5 million investment to renew the city’s commitment in six key corridors. Project types include affordable housing, community safety, infrastructure, transportation, workforce and business development, and urban design.

Capital Investment Project:

A long-range investment designed to meet the growing needs for our community in the areas of affordable housing, community safety, infrastructure, transportation, workforce and business development and urban design. These projects will still occur in addition to Corridors of Opportunity projects.

Project Address:

A set location for an assigned project.

Project Route:

A project that has a start point that routes to an end point.

Project Area:

A project that has an area of influence that is larger than a single address or route.

locationBeatties Ford/Rozzelles Ferry


locationFreedom Drive/Wilkinson

locationGraham Street/North Tryon

locationSugar Creek/I-85

locationWest Boulevard

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Building Opportunity for Our Community

This work is community-driven and community-focused.

The goal is to provide high-quality public services that build opportunity in these corridors, which are rich in history and pride. The City of Charlotte is creating fertile ground for prosperity by bolstering community programs and projects; building on the momentum of past investments; and filling in gaps in infrastructure and transportation, workforce and business development, housing and code enforcement, public safety, and urban design.

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Targeted Investment in Key Areas

The city is concentrating its resources by investing and facilitating programs in specific locations within each corridor. This ensures long-lasting and positive impacts are realized sooner than they would be through a scattered approach.

Through the Corridors of Opportunity program, the city is vetting current and future projects and programs to make sure they are consistent with community feedback, and account for the unique needs of each corridor, such as affordable housing, job opportunities, mobility options, and community celebration.