Stitch Together CLT

​Stitch Together CLT

Stitch Together CLT is a free mentorship and community building program planned and led by leaders from 10 neighborhoods with influencers who they've hand-picked from their communities. This program includes a launch event, six "Stitch Together" Sessions hosted in Charlotte's neighborhoods, and a mentorship project between leaders and their influencers.

Facilitated by the City of Charlotte, the launch event invites community leaders, as experts, to share stories and lessons learned about their challenges, successes, resources and celebrations. A keynote panel of activists in the community and facilitated discussion will address how we can bring together our communities to improve integration and mobility in our City. Attendees will leave the event ready to work on a project with their neighborhood leader and have the opportunity to attend additional neighborhood showcases. Six months later, attendees and facilitators will come together again for a reconnection and celebration.


Stitch Together CLT has three objectives:

1. Bring together neighborhood leaders from different parts of Charlotte to share resources, successes, challenges, stories and fellowship.

2. Create mentoring relationships between neighborhood leaders and the next generation of influencers in their neighborhoods.

3. Define what a "neighborhood leader" is for different ages and generations to help expand leadership in neighborhoods.

Darryl GastonDarryl Gaston
Druid Hills & North End
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Scott GartlanScott Gartlan
Country Club Heights
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Heidi PruessHeidi Pruess
Hayden Commons
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Jamall KinardJamall Kinard
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Hilary LarsenHilary Larsen
Barclay Downs & SouthPark
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Khadijah KarriemKhadijah Karriem
Cedar Mill
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Announcing the Stitch Together CLT Panel @ the Launch Event, April 28th!

 Stitch Together CLT Panel

(Photo Credit: City of Charlotte, Alvin C. Jacobs, Tom Hanchett)

Debra Campbell - Assistant City Manager, City of Charlotte

James Ford - Principal, Filling the Gap Educational Consultants & Co-Chair for the Leading on Opportunity Council

Tom Hanchett - Community Historian & former Staff Historian at Levine Museum for the New South


2017-2018 Stitch Together Steering Committee

Below are the selected applicants and the neighborhood represented. 

Allen Nelson, Commonwealth Morningside
Brenda Campbell, Clanton Park
Charles Vakala, Genesis Park
Darryl Gaston, Druid Hills
Douglas Welton, Madison Park
Heidi Pruess, Hayden Commons
Hilary Larsen, Barclay Downs
Jamall Kinard, Lakewood
Khadijah Karriem, Cedar Mills
Scott Gartlan, Country Club Heights

For more information, please contact:
Erin Chantry

Stitch Together CLT is a free mentorship and community building program planned and led by leaders from twelve neighborhoods with influencers who they've hand-picked from their communities.

On the steering committee: City of Charlotte residents who currently hold a leadership role in their neighborhood or community are invited to apply to Stitch Together CLT to serve on the steering committee that will plan and lead a launch event, one of the “Stitch Together” neighborhood events, and a 6-month long mentorship program. (Click here for the Stitch Together CLT application)

As an influencer: The 12 leaders chosen will have the opportunity to invite 5 people from their neighborhood to participate in this program as neighborhood influencers. 

Steering Committee – As a neighborhood leader, you are applying to be on the steering committee that will plan the programming for the launch event, “Stitch Together” neighborhood events, and determine the framework for the mentorship program with facilitation and support from the City of Charlotte. You will also serve as a mentor to “influencers” and teach them leadership skills that you have.

Influencers – As a member of the steering committee you will choose 5 members from your neighborhood or community that you believe are the next generation of leadership. You will choose them to participate in the launch event, “Stitch Together” neighborhood events, and as your mentees in the Mentorship phase of this program.

Stitch Together CLT was created to:

  1. Bring together the segregated communities across our city through fellowship, relationship building, skill teaching, and partnerships. 

  2. Test a mentorship program for the City of Charlotte and provide a structured training opportunity for established neighborhood leaders recruit, train, and teach the next generation of leadership in their neighborhoods.

  3. Capitalize on the tremendous knowledge, skills, and leadership ability of our neighborhood leaders to guide the City of Charlotte program and inform the future of a mentorship program.

Stitch Together CLT is funded by the Knight Foundation and the City of Charlotte.

Twelve applicants will be selected from across the City of Charlotte to serve as the neighborhood leaders on the steering committee. Selection is based on the application, with a focus on selecting residents who hold a current leadership position and have a strong passion for identifying and mentoring the next generation of a leadership in their neighborhoods, as well as developing partnerships with other leaders across Charlotte. Applicants are encouraged to be as thoughtful, innovative, and engaging as possible in their applications.

The twelve neighborhood leaders will choose 5 influencers each from their neighborhoods to take part in the launch event, “Stitch Together” neighborhood events, and mentorship program.

The program is free. Meals and materials are included.

The ideal applicant applies because he or she wants to be part of the effort to bring different parts of Charlotte together and take a leadership role in recruiting and training the next generation of leadership in their neighborhoods.

Participants of Stitch Together CLT will:

  • Learn skills and expertise from other leaders whose neighborhoods face similar challenges and opportunities

  • Develop relationships and partnerships with neighborhood leaders in other parts of Charlotte and address issues together

  • Have the opportunity to teach others your leadership skills

  • Identify the next generation of leaders in your neighborhood

  • Have a structured and facilitated mentorship program to teach what you've learned as a leader to the next generation of leadership in your neighborhood

  • Create a goal to impact the future of your neighborhood

Currently, there are plans to offer this program once. There is the possibility that it will be offered again in the future with additional funding.

Stitch Together CLT participants will develop close partnerships with the other neighborhood leaders in their program. They will be encouraged to continue to work together on issues in each other's neighborhoods after completion of the nine-month long program and will continue to build the mentorship with future leaders.


​Powered by the City of Charlotte and the Knight Foundation