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Darryl GastonDarryl Gaston
Druid Hills & North End
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Scott GartlanScott Gartlan
Country Club Heights
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Heidi PruessHeidi Pruess
Hayden Commons
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Jamall KinardJamall Kinard
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Hilary LarsenHilary Larsen
Barclay Downs & SouthPark
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Khadijah KarriemKhadijah Karriem
Cedar Mill
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Stitch Stories

Scott Gartlan, Country Club Heights


How has working together with neighborhood leaders from across the City positively influence your own ability to serve your home community?

Working with neighborhood leaders from across this city of Charlotte has helped me to connect with different neighbors that I frankly was not familiar with. The amazing thing you realize is that the issues they are working on in a different part of the city are the same issues that get attention in your neighborhood. We all want to live in safe neighborhoods that are inclusive and diverse. It's all about learning other ways leaders have tried to address these​ issues and see if that might fit in your neighborhood.  


Has your participation in Stitch Together CLT broken down any misconceptions you had about other parts of Charlotte or other communities?

I had a misconception that our problems in Country Club Heights were unique. That what we faced in our neighborhood was not something other communities cared about in the same ways. But in sharing our success with our recent Paint the Pavement project at one of the Stitch sessions this summer, I discovered there were many other neighborhoods interested in creative ways to address traffic calming. I've had a handful of follow up meetings with neighborhood leaders about our project and how they might make that happen in their neighborhoods. Living together in robust, vibrant communities is about accepting and celebrating everyone. It's that simple. I've had a much deeper appreciation for our shared work and collective commitment to achieving that since Stitch Together CLT brought us together.  


What have you accomplished and achieved by coming together with other leaders?

I have new friends and colleagues I can call on to help our neighborhood.  I also have friends now who I can help.  It has broadened my social network to include other Charlotteans who I didn't know at all. The beauty of programs that establish strong networks of committed people is not what gets accomplished in that formal time together, but moreover what will get accomplished over the coming months and years by the very fact that I know and have worked with great neighborhood leaders.  


Have you developed a relationship with any other leaders on the Stitch Together CLT Steering Committee or other influencers?

​I feel a strong bond to all the leaders among the nine other neighborhoods represented in Stitch Together CLT. I look forward to continuing to invite them to neighborhood events throughout the year. More importantly, I see many connections with Stitch folks around issues related to traffic calming, communications and branding, and engaged membership. It's so rewarding to have reached beyond my typical social network to meet new people who care as much about Charlotte as I do. Stitch has really helped shrink the city of Charlotte into one big family.  ​