Stitch Together CLT

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Darryl GastonDarryl Gaston
Druid Hills & North End
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Scott GartlanScott Gartlan
Country Club Heights
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Heidi PruessHeidi Pruess
Hayden Commons
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Jamall KinardJamall Kinard
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Hilary LarsenHilary Larsen
Barclay Downs & SouthPark
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Khadijah KarriemKhadijah Karriem
Cedar Mill
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​Stitch Stories

Khadijah Karriem, Cedar Mill

How has working together with neighborhood leaders from across the City positively influence your own ability to serve your home community?​

I appreciate the opportunity of being selected to participate in the Stitch Together CLT program. One of the most challenging aspects of the program was selecting five influencers from the Cedar Mill community  whom mostly exemplified the personality traits the program devised. This experience provided me the opportunity to examine my neighbors very closely and identify those that I felt would be leaders of the next generation.

​The mission statement of Cedar Mill is: Community Engagement, Beautification and Safety. Being a member of Stitch Together CLT supported our promotion of beautification of our entranceway by providing a grant for supplies needed to make the entranceway a more aesthetic and welcoming home site. We were also supported  with the Community Engagement Session  in  hosting National Night Out.

Has your participation in Stitch Together CLT broken down any misconceptions you had about other parts of Charlotte or other communities?

One of the most profound experiences of being involved in Stitch Together CLT was being able to visit Historic sites and neighborhoods of Charlotte, such as Druid Hills, Morningside, Parkwood and Lakewood. Connecting with these neighborhoods was an “eye opener”, all in different perspectives. I gained information about rezoning, gentrification, affordable and not so affordable housing in these very informative sessions.

Have you developed a relationship with any other leaders on the Stitch Together CLT Steering Committee or other influencers?

Being a part of Stitch was a rewarding experience, it afforded me the opportunity to meet community leaders, other Stitch participants and resources that will move my neighborhood and the Charlotte community to a more viable, progressive place to live, work and play.