Civic Innovation

Bringing diverse neighborhoods together.

The No Barriers Project is a Knight Foundation Cities Challenge project seeks to identify physical barriers that often serve to divide neighborhoods and invite the residents who live there to talk and reimagine the space as something new they build together.

The goal is to reinvigorate the connection between the neighborhoods and creating new connections. Residents will use the elements of light, sound and play to facilitate interactions and create a common space that all of the neighborhoods "own."

This project will produce a replicable engagement model for addressing physical barriers between distinct neighborhoods. It will be used and iterated upon in Charlotte and provide useful learning for other cities.

Our next event is a community meeting on January 28 at 6 pm at the Ivory Baker Center Learn more about current happenings for the No Barriers Project

Meet the team

Sarah Hazel, Alysia Osborne, Eugene Bradley, Amy Nicholson & Ashley Simmons


Our Site: Anita Stroud Park

​Three neighborhoods were chosen for No Barriers: Genesis Park, Brightwalk, and Park at Oaklawn.  With Anita Stroud Park in between the neighborhoods, as a physical divide, it was a perfect setting to bring people together.

Friday Night Lights, our kickoff event, brought residents from all sides of the park. They ate, danced, met new neighbors, and enjoyed the night.

Harvest Fest, our event held in October 2015, brought residents together to test out their ideas for adding elements of light, play and sound at the park.


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