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Scaleybark Transit Development Project

The Scaleybark Transit Development Project is a proposed transit-oriented development village to be located on approximately 25 acres west of the Scaleybark Light Rail Station. When complete, it's anticipated that the proposed village will contain a mix of residential, retail and commercial properties that will enhance the surrounding neighborhood.
The first phase of the village will be the construction of a new streetscape along the west side of South Boulevard between Clanton Road and Freeland Lane.  The completed streetscape project will include a bicycle lane, on-street parking, new lighting and landscaping, creating a pedestrian friendly environment along this portion of South Boulevard.
Work is scheduled to begin in mid-August and should conclude by late December 2011. 
Tentative Construction Timeline: 

 Construction Begins

 Mid-August 2011

 Daily South Boulevard Lane Closure

 Early September through Early November 2011

 Close Scaleybark Park and Ride Entrance at Whitton

 Mid-September through Early October 2011

 Close Scaleybark Park and Ride Secondary Driveway

 Late October to Early December 2011

The Scaleybark Park and Ride will remain open and accessible throughout construction. All lanes on South Boulevard will remain open during peak hours of traffic (7-9 a.m. and 4-7 p.m.)
Weather and unforeseen circumstances occasionally prevent work from being completed as scheduled, and make it unsafe to reopen lanes or streets when planned.  When this occurs, City traffic engineers work directly with other City staff and contractors to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and reduce impacts to the traveling public.
Motorists traveling through work zone areas should be alert and extra cautious.  Drivers should get in the correct lane well in advance and constantly be on the lookout for vehicles merging into adjacent travel lanes as they approach a work zone.  Drivers should double their following distance.
Temporary signage will alert drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists to changing traffic patterns.
While some of the work zones will create congestion, businesses are accessible and welcome your patronage.
CATS bus service will be impacted.  For more information on how this project will impact CATS service, visit
We appreciate your patience as we work to increase transportation choices and improve the quality of life in Charlotte. 
For up-to-date construction information, click on the Notify Me graphic (top right of the page).  You can also call 311, your link to City and County information.