Charlotte Future

​​​​Public Art Commission

​The Public Art Commission is a community board, comprised of members appointed by the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and the Arts & Science Council, whose role is to oversee the selection of artworks for the Public Art Program.

Board appointments are listed below, and in the order of appointing body, number of appointees and appointee expertise:

City of Charlotte, 3, community representative
Mecklenburg County, 3, community representative
Arts & Science Council, 3, visual or design professional

Public Art Commission Responsibilities

  • Establish procedures for the operation of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Art Program

  • Recommend the Annual Work Plan to the City Council and County Commission

  • Chair the individual artist selection Panels

  • Review and approve individual Artist Selection Panels

  • Ensure community outreach and citizen participation in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Art Program

  • Represent the Public Art Commission at community meetings, dedications, and special events

  • Monitor the overall development of the public art collection and ensure that local and regional artists are represented in the collection; that the collection is reasonably balanced over time, with respect to ethnicity and gender of artists selected, styles of expression, media, and genre

Public Art Commission Mission Statement

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Art Commission is committed to the creation of a program that views public art as integral to the fabric of a community recognizing its potential to:

  • Create livable cities

  • Enhance neighborhood identity

  • Strengthen economic development and tourism

  • Educate children and adults, and

  • Enrich the spirit and pride of its citizens

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Art Program is further committed to expanding the opportunities for its citizens to experience public art, thereby creating a more pleasing and humane environment that will improve the quality of life.

Individuals interested should apply for the Public Art Commission