Community Investment Plan

​​XCLT in the community

The Cross Charlotte Trail project is now in the master-planning phase. That means we're receiving input about how you want to use the trail, what amenities and experiences you want, and where you'd like to go using the trail. So share your ideas and feedback ​with us. Help make the Cross Charlotte Trail an unrivaled asset that connects you and your community like never before. 

How to get involved

  1. Attend an upcoming public meeting or event. More are coming in the fall of 2016. Just check out the event calendar on this page. ​
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 Public meeting time lapse

 Public meeting on January 27, 2015

 Public meeting on June 30, 2015


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​Where​ we've been so far

We have been engaging the public since early 2014, and excitement is building! Find out what happened!
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 Upcoming XCLT meetings