Capital Investment Plan

​​​​​​​​Sidewalk and Pedestrian Safety Program

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Program overview

The Community Investment Plan includes funding for the Sidewalk and Pedestrian Safety Program to address ongoing pedestrian safety issues for the more than 790,000 current residents. Guided by City Council’s adopted Sidewalk Retrofit Policy, those funds will be used to construct 10 to 12 miles of new sidewalks and to support the City’s goal of constructing 15 new pedestrian crossings per year.

Over the 60-year period from 1950 to 2010, Charlotte experienced dramatic growth, increasing from a City of 134,000 people to a city of 730,000 people (17th largest in the USA, per the 2010 US Census). During that time, transportation policy in Charlotte focused on providing quick and easy access to automobiles. Sidewalks and pedestrian safety were not a significant part of the City’s transportation strategy. In the late 1990’s that changed, and the City of Charlotte shifted its transportation focus toward creating “Complete Streets” that accommodate all types of users of all different abilities – whether ​on foot, on a bike, in a bus, or in a car.

As a part of that policy shift, the Sidewalk & Pedestrian Safety Program was created to build new sidewalks and pedestrian crossings that make Charlotte’s streets and neighborhoods safer and more attractive for walking. The program has constructed approximately​ 100 miles of new sidewalks since 2002, improving pedestrian safety and offering citizens a healthy and attractive alternative to travel by car.

Public involvement

Community engagement activities will occur throughout the project’s duration to keep those interested in the project informed and provide opportunities for the public to share ideas, opinions and concerns.  

Program funding and cost information

$75 million

  • Voter-approved transportation improvement bonds ($15 million each in 2014 and 2016; $30 million in 2018)
  • Proposed transportation improvement bonds ($15 million in 2020)
​​Program contacts

Angela Berry 
Program Manager
Charlotte Department of Transportation

Scott Curry 
Transportation Planner
Charlotte Department of Transportation
704-432-4638 ​​ 

Program maps

Candidate Sidewalk Projects​ (as of October 2014)

Projects with 2014 bonds

Additional resources

Active Sidewalk and Pedestrian Safety Program projects

​Other sidewalk projects

​This project will install sidewalk, wheelchair ramps, driveways, curb and gutter and storm drainage in the Ashbrook neighborhood along Paddock Circle from Hillside Avenue to Heather Lane and on Heather Lane from Paddock Circle to Park Road. This project is part of the ​Sidewalk and Pedestrian Safety Program, funded by public improvement bonds as part of the Community Investment Plan​.

​This project will install sidewalk along Chancellor Park Drive between University City Boulevard and Harris Boulevard

Constructs a 6-foot-wide sidewalk and 8-foot-wide planting strip on one side of Gibbon Road from Nevin Road to Brawer Farm Drive

Provides sidewalk on North Graham Street betwee West 10th Street and West 12th Street

Install sidewalk from Eastway Drive to Central Avenue

Provides new sidewalk along the south side of West Mallard Creek Church Road from Mallard Creek Road to Claude Freeman Drive (approximately .6 miles). Also included are possible intersection pedestrian improvements at David Taylor Drive and at Claude Freeman Drive. The project will fill a sidewalk gap that exists along a major thoroughfare and provide safer walking conditions for nearby residents and businesses.

Install sidewalk on Margaret Wallace Road from Cedarbark Drive to Idlewild Road

Construct new sidewalk along the north side of Margaret Wallace Road from Independence Boulevard to Marshbrooke road in order to improve pedestrian access along the corridor

Construct new sidewalk along the north side of Pineville-Matthews Road (NC51) from McAlpine Creek to Rea Road (approximately 1.5 miles)

Provide new sidewalk along the north side of Pineville-Matthews Road (NC51) from Strawberry Lane to Ridgeloch Place

Provide 6- to 8-foot-wide sidewalk along the north side of Nevin Road from Alpine Lane to Gibbon Road and along the south side of Gibbon Road from Nevin Road to West Sugar Creek Road. This project will also fill gaps in curb and gutter and sidewalk along the east side of West Sugar Creek Road between Hunter Avenue and Mallard Creek Road.

​This project will install sidewalk along Old Providence Road between Sharon View Road and English Meadows​​ Lane

Provide sidewalk along Oneida Road from Graham Street to Daybreak Drive, including improving pedestrian travel provisions through the rail crossing (Norfolk Southern) at Oneida Road and Graham Street.


​This project will install sidewalk along Pinevile-Matthews ​Road between Echo Forest Drive and Alexander Road

​This project will install sidewalk along Pineville Matthews Road between Rea Road and the McAlpine Creek ​Greenway

​This project will install sidewalk along Pineville-Matthews Road from Strawberry Lane to Ridgeloch Place.

​Install sidewalk along Providence Road between Greentree Drive and Knob Oak Lane

New sidewalk along the south side of Rea Road from Swans Run Road too Windyrus Road in order to improve pedestrian access along the corridor.

Provide sidewalk on the south side of North Sharon Amity Road from Tangle Drive to Craig Avenue. This project is the result of the findings of the Sharon Amity and Castleton Road transportation study

This project will install sidewalks in small gaps as well as accessible ramps throughout Charlotte.​

Provide sidewalk on both sides of South Tryon Street from Shopton Road West to Steele Creek Road

Install sidewalk along South Tryon from Tyvola Road to Nations Ford Road (approximately .4 miles)

Install new sidewalk along Sunset Road between Beatties Ford Road and Statesville Road

Provides sidewalk and planting strips along Winthrop Avenue from Kingston Avenue to Myrtle Avenue near Latta Park

This project will install sidewalk along the south side of Woodfox Drive from Strawberry Lane to Rounding Run Road from Woodfox Drive to Raintree Lane. The project also includes a 5-foot-wide sidewalk and 4-foot-wide planting strip. The project was complete in October 2016 and will be in the warranty phase through October 2017.