Capital Investment Plan

​Mon​roe Road Area Vision

​The Monroe Road Streetscape, Pierson Drive Extension, Oakhurst/Amity Gardens Street Connections ​and Independence Area Sidewalk & Bikeways Projects were identified in the Capital Investment Plan (CIP) to improve pedestrian and vehicle connectivity, safety and aesthetics in the Monroe Road area.

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Idlewild, Rama and Monroe Rd Intersection354593Improvements at the Idlewild/Rama/Monroe intersection that enhance conditions for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users and motorists.9/22/2020 9:34:04 PM,, Idlewild Road / Monroe IntersectionNo
Independence Area Sidewalk and Bikeway Improvements354594Providing sidewalk and bike facility improvements in the Independence Boulevard corridor.​9/22/2020 9:34:55 PM, /charlottefuture/CIP/Site%20Assests/promoted-link-images/bikeway.png, Sidewalk and Bikeway ImprovementsNo
Land Acquisition and Street Connections354580Implement the Independence Blvd. Area Plan to promote economic development along the Independence Blvd. corridor.9/22/2020 9:35:45 PM, Land Acquisition and Street ConnectionsNo
McKee/Providence Road Intersection11641Bicycle and sidewalk connections and additional travel lanes to reduce delay and improve capacity.9/22/2020 9:37:12 PM, McKee/Providence IntersectionNo
Monroe Road Streetscape354590Improvements to Monroe Road between Briar Creek and Sharon Amity Road9/22/2020 8:06:09 PM, /charlottefuture/CIP/Site%20Assests/promoted-link-images/monroe.png, Monroe Road StreetscapeNo
Street Resurfacing373829Supplements the state's Powell Bill funding so the city can resurface more lane miles per year.9/22/2020 7:28:58 PM, /Transportation/DivisionContacts/Pages/StreetMaintenance.aspxNo