Capital Investment Plan

​​​​​​​​​​​​ Bridge Repair and Replacement Program
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Project overview

This program provides for the timely inspection, repair, and replacement of substandard bridges throughout the City. The program's purpose is to maintain a safe bridge system by repairing and replacing bridges that do not meet structural capacity and width standards. Locations for bridge repairs and replacements are identified through the State's biennial inspection program.

Program funding and cost information

$14 million

  • Voter-approved public improvement bonds ($4​ million in 2014 and $3 million 2016)
  • Proposed public improvement bonds ($3 million in 2018 and $4 million in 2020)

Public involvement

Community engagement activities will occur throughout the project’s duration to keep those interested in the project informed and provide opportunities for the public to share ideas, opinions, and concerns.  

This site has additional information on Community Investment Plan news and events.

​​​Program Contacts

Alison Brickey, PE​
Senior Project Manager
General Services

Gus Jordi
Program Manager
Charlotte Department of Transportation

Program Map

​Map ​of po​tent​ial bridge repair and replacement projects​

​A​ctive Bridge Repair & Replacement Program projects