Neighborhood Improvement (CNIP)

​Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program 

​Connecting neighborhoods to major employment, institutional and retail areas through a network of streets, sidewalks, greenways and bike lanes. Explore your area below.





About the program​

The Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program (CNIP) makes strategic investments in larger, multi-neighborhood geographies to more comprehensively address a broad array of community needs, consistent with the goals of the City’s Capital Investment Plan (CIP).​ What is unique about CNIP is its comprehensive or “complete” approach to placemaking by fostering vibrant, diverse, and economically strong communities with a highly connected network of streets around activity nodes that include a mix of office, retail, and residential land uses.

Voter-approved Neighborhood Improvement Bonds ($20 million in 2014, $40 million in 2016 and $30 million in 2018)

Proposed Neighborhood Improvement Bonds ($30 million 2020)

SouthPark CNIP received $5 million in 2016 and $10 million in 2018

The goals of this comprehensive approach include:

  • A well-connected network of streets, sidewalks, greenways, and bike lanes that link to and enhance existing community assets;

  • Easy accessibility to transit and the larger regional network of streets;

  • Better connections between neighborhoods and major employment, institutional, and retail areas

  • Successful public/private partnerships that leverage investments and catalyze changes occurring in neighborhoods;

  • Greater coordination with public safety, code enforcement, social services, and education; and

  • Enhanced engagement with residents in determining which investments meet our collective aspirations

  1. Emerging and established high growth areas in need of increased connectivity to regional nodes and employment centers (Prosperity Village, Whitehall/Ayrsley, and SouthPark)

  2. Established areas with opportunities for redevelopment and leveraging of community assets. (West Trade/Rozzelles Ferry, Sunset/Beatties Ford and Central/Albemarle/Shamrock)