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​​​​​​​​​Whitehall/Ayrsley CNIP

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​​The Whitehall/Ayrsley CNIP is collaborative in nature and brings public agency staff together with stakeholders in the community to focus on strategic planning and project development that will create impactful change for the surrounding communities.

Why was this area selected?

The Whitehall/Ayrsley area is a high-growth area of the city, with established and emerging neighborhoods and a diverse mix of office, retail and industrial employment.  The Steele Creek Area Plan (adopted in 2012) splits the Whitehall/Ayrsley area into a mixed-use activity center, industrial center​ and wedge development. 

CNIP looks to capitalize upon, and leverage upon the assets of the area including: 

  • Its status as a large employment center, drawing workers from throughout the region

  • High growth and development in recent years

  • Close proximity to the Airport and other key transportation infrastructure

  • Opportunities to enhance amenities in the area to connect key activity nodes such as Ayrsley Town Center, Whitehall Corporate Center and the Charlotte Premium Outlet Mall.

Program contacts

Keith Carpenter
Project Manager
General Services

Alberto Gonzalez
Planning Coordinator
Planning, Design and Development

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Active projects

Other recommended CNIP investments

The following projects were also selected to move forward with further planning. The results of more detailed planning work will result in better defined project limits, a better understanding of private property impacts, costs​ and schedules.​

  • Ayrsley Town Blvd. Traffic Calming
  • ​Greenway along Steele Creek, Westinghouse Blvd. to Olympic HS
  • Funding for Public Art

Public presentations/documents

Public meeting presentation April 17, 2018​

Arrowood​ Business Association Luncheon, April 20, 2017​

CNIP exhibit map_9-29-2015

Example projects

Public meeting boards