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View of Five Points Public Plaza area with outdoor tables and red umbrellas

Five Points Public Plaza  


The West Trade/Rozzelles Ferry Community Neighborhood Investment Plan (CNIP) area includes the neighborhoods northwest of Uptown Charlotte. The area, bounded by Beatties Ford Road, Morehead Street, Wilkinson Boulevard, Ashley Road and I-85 has a unique blend of historic landmarks, commercial nodes, residential wedges, schools, universities, parks and a greenway system.

Why was this area selected?

The West Trade Rozzelles Ferry area is a high-growth area west of uptown Charlotte, with established and emerging neighborhoods , an institution of higher learning such as Johnson C. Smith University, retail and other forms of businesses and a rich history.

CNIP Goals

  • To provide support for a well-connected network of streets, sidewalks, greenways and bike lanes that link to and enhance existing community assets.

  • To improve accessibility to transit and the larger regional network of streets.

  • To promote better connections between neighborhoods and major employment, institutional and retail areas.

  • To identify successful public and private partnerships that leverage investments and catalyze changes occurring in neighborhoods.

  • To find opportunities to coordinate with representatives for public safety, code enforcement, social services and education.

  • To enhance the public engagement process and work with residents to identify and evaluate investments that meet collective aspirations.


The West Trade Rozzelles Ferry CNIP was chosen because the City believes investing do the following things:
  • Leverage investment

  • Increase collaboration

  • Best serve as a catalyst for transformation change

  • Place an emphasis on larger rather than smaller capital projects

  • Have long term impacts that address systemic issues

  • Provide measurable outcomes of the City’s investment

  • Align with City Council’s Visions for Charlotte 2020.​

The Planning Process 

The CNIP project team will be engaging stakeholders throughout the entire planning process, which comprises three major cycles:

Cycle 1—Neighborhood/Agency Immersion:  During this stage staff  from partnering agencies (City, Mecklenburg County and CMS) will host informal drop-in sessions, focus group meetings and stakeholders interviews in order to gain the community’s perspective on any potential improvements. COMPLETED

Cycle 2—General Framework:  This phase will include market and economic analysis as well as an assessment of social, cultural and historic components of the area.  Staff will continue to seek public through community learning workshops and a charette to identify a list of candidate capital projects for the area. COMPLETED

Cycle 3:  Inviting Success: In this final cycle, staff will include an assessment of the projects by weighing them against the goals of the area and the overall community investment strategy.  An action plan will be developed which will identify the appropriate steps and resources for the identified project(s). IN PROGRESS

​​​​​Map of projects

West Trade/Rozzelles Ferry CNIP project map​​​

Program contacts

Lamar Davis
Project Manager
General Services

Randy Harris
Area Supervisor
Housing & Neighborhood Services

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