2040 Comprehensive Plan

How do you want Charlotte to grow over the next 20 years?

​The future is now as the City of Charlotte begins the process to develop our community’s shared vision for growth and development.​


The Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan will require an examination of who and where w​e are as a city. The plan will consider our opportunities and our challenges and address the growth that is expected to occur over the next two decades.​ The approach will be based on the following key principles:

Principle #1: Authentic and​ Equitable Participation​

Principle #2: Interwoven Equity

Principle #3: Integrated Framework for Growth, Development and Community Design​​​

What is a comprehensive plan?​

A framework for community consensus on future growth

  • It is a physical plan, with a reflection on social and economic values
  • It is a long-range plan, usually 20 or more years with regular (5-year) updates
  • It is comprehensive, encompassing  the functions that make up a community
  • It is a unified physical design for the public and private development of land
  • It is a statement of policy, covering community character, geographic considerations and change


Potential elements of our plan​

A picture of our past, an assessment of our present (opportunities and challenges) and a shared vision for our future​

  • Our Past & Present – Recognizing our foundation
  • Our Shared Story – Voicing who we are and aspire to be
  • Our Future City – Building a city for the 21st Century

​Putting our policies, plans & partnerships for growth and development into one common, integrated framework​

  • Land Use & Community Design – Place Types
  • Transportation (streets, transit, bikes, pedestrian, airport)
  • Public Facilities & Services (e.g., Schools, Parks, Sewer/Water, Police, Fire)

Ensuring that Charlotte is welcoming and safe and provides opportunities for all​

  • Engagement/Social Capital
  • Affordable Housing
  • Racial Equity
  • Historic Resources
  • Health & Safety
  • Education​​

Nurturing our environmental resources for long-term sustainability

  • Environmental Quality – Air, Water, Land (Trees)
  • Energy & Sustainability
  • Food Systems​​

Fostering ideas, collaboration and business opportunities

  • ​Diverse & Resilient Economy
  • Jobs ​​​

Advancing partnerships for shared success

  • Center City
  • Regional Activity Centers
  • Regionalism​​

Making it happen​

Next steps

  • Unified Development Ordinance
  • Capital Investments
  • Future planning – e.g., area plans
  • Amending and updating the plan
  • Measuring our progress​​​


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​Project Timeline

Project kickoff | September 2018

Phase I

Scope of Work
Engagement Plan
Existing Conditions
Public Kickoff
Vision & Goals 

Phase II
Growth Scenarios
Updated Growth Framework
Built Environment
Social Environment
Natural Environment
Economic Environment
Implementation Strategies 


Draft Comprehensive Plan | September 2020

Phase III
Public Review
Planning Commission Review 
City Council/Committee Review

Council Adoption | April 2021​

Implementation & Monitoring​​​

Detailed schedule will be provided in the coming months.