2040 Comprehensive Plan

​​​​​​Our Fair Charlotte: Creating Equity in Our City​

​What can Charlotte do to improve equity? What can I do?

We can't talk about equity without talking about Charlotte's growth trends and our history (lin​k to Growth Trends subpage). From the red-lining of the 1930s to the urban renewal of the 1960s and beyond, our history plays a role in why there's inequities in our built environment – the places and spaces we use every day.

The Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan seeks to create more equity in our city in a number of ways, the biggest being by guiding the city in equitable development. Equitable development means being fair about what's built or added in different parts of the city, and being thoughtful about why it's being added and who will benefit. One way to dismantle the effects of segregation and racialization is to make sure the foundation we're laying for the future is free of them.

In order to work on equitable development, our city needs to make sure we make sure we have a platform in which all voices are heard, and we develop a plan that is guided by the perspectives, thoughts, ideas, and concerns of everyone in our community.​

​What is equity?

Equity is when all members of a community work together to create access to an inclusive, resource-rich environment that recognizes and removes barriers. It means fair treatment for all parts of a community, not certain groups.

Here's an example: a sidewalk with a curb is something you may not think about if you have a fully-abled body – you step up and down onto the curb with no problem. However, if you're elderly, or if you use a wheelchair, or need to push a baby stroller, that curb might give you some trouble. Thinking about how that sidewalk can be designed to meet everyone's needs -- that's equity. It's about each of us getting what we need to survive or succeed based on where we are and where we want to go.​

​We want to be a city of opportunity for all.

​That means equitable access to opportunities for everyone. As Charlotte continues to grow, we must be intentional about providing equitable access to jobs, housing, transportation, goods and services, and other opportunities so that we ALL benefit from future growth and are ALL part of a thriving community.