2040 Comprehensive Plan

​​Growth Factors Repo​rt

​The Growth Factors Report​identifies growth-related trends that have impacted the current demographic, economic and market conditions in Charlotte and will impact the future of Charlotte. The approach to the report involved analyzing historic and recent growth-related trends to provide an understanding of how Charlotte is growing, compare Charlotte to national peer cities, and set the context for the future of the City as the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan is developed.

Policy Audit

The Policy Audit Reportwas prepared for the City of Charlotte, providing one of the first steps in preparing a new comprehensive plan: understanding and documenting the existing policy direction that guides community decision-making and public investments.​ To this end, the Charlotte Future project team developed a Policy Audit evaluation tool that documented the specific vision and value statements and policies included in approximately 30 City and County plans.

Equity Atlas

The Equity Atlaslooks at built aspects of the City of Charlotte through an equity lens to ​identify what may need to be added and where. This knowledge informs a fundamental and achievable goal of the Comprehensive Plan: to increase equitable access to goods, services and built amenities across neighborhoods. Inoing so, the Comprehensive Plan and built environment will help foster upward economic mobility. As growth and change can price out existing small businesses and lower-income residents, the Comprehensive Plan will also need to consider how to mitigate displacement pressure placed on residents and businesses.​

Phase 1 - Vision & Values Public Inputs Summary​

​​Over 1,500 people participated in Phase 1. The Inputs Summary​ shows data gathered and what people think about Charlotte's Vision & Values.

Phase 2 - Preferred Growth Scenario Public Inputs Summary

Public Inputs Summary Document

​​Over 3,00 people participated in Phase 2. The Inputs Summary shows data gathered about how participants want to see the city grow.

Growing Better Places: A More Equitable and Inclusive Charlotte Board Game

Over 1,800 people played Growing Better Places during July and August 2019, and results of each game were combined to make three growth scenarios.

Growing Better Places summary results board [pdf] (used in the October 2019 workshops)