LYNX Silver Line

In 2019, CATS in partnership with Charlotte Planning, Design + Development Department, City of Gastonia, City of Belmont, Town of Matthews, Town of Stallings, and Town of Indian Trail received a planning grant from the Federal Transit Administration. The grant would allow the CATS and partners to evaluate Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) along the proposed LYNX Silver Line light rail project.

Through the study, the team will develop:

·         Develop Station Area Plans

·         Outline Infrastructure Investments

·         Assess TOD Market Readiness

·         Perform an Affordable Housing Evaluation 

Throughout the study, the team will engage with the public through surveys, workshops and a series of public and community meetings. 

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Phone: To speak to a representative, call 704-336-7433 (RIDE).


Mail: CATS, C/O Marketing Department, 600 E. 4th Street, Charlotte, NC 28202

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Sign up your neighborhood or community group for a virtual meeting with project team.

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LYNX Silver Line Symposium


CATS has partnered with Urban Land Institute (ULI)-Charlotte to organize a TOD Symposium Series to support the current and upcoming conversations around Transit Oriented Development along the Silver Line corridor.  This is a free, two-part series that includes the virtual events listed below. I encourage you to join us for these very informative panel discussions! More details on the topics and speakers are provided in the attached flyers and you can also learn more about the events on ULI-Charlotte's webpage. Please share with your staff and networks. I have also attached social media specific jpegs that can be shared to advertise the event along with each events registration links below. We look forward to seeing you there! 

ULI Charlotte: City of Charlotte's TOD Symposium Series - Setting the Stage for TOD in Small and Big Cities


When: May 20th, 1PM -2:30PM

Where: gotowebinar

Register Here


Event Description: Transit-oriented development (TOD) occurs in various forms and different contexts. This session will explore how regional partners and stakeholders can work together to leverage transit to support community goals. Panelists will share experiences on how transit can enhance, celebrate, and preserve the places transit serves. This session will cover TOD policy, regulatory, and partnering tools that communities can use to proactively manage change arising from transit and TOD investments. The session will also touch on practical TOD strategies to consider in the post-pandemic realities.

ULI Charlotte: City of Charlotte's TOD Symposium Series - Equitable TOD: Building Equity as Part of Transit & TOD


When: May 27th, 1PM - 3PM

Where: gotowebinar

Register Here


Event Description: Equitable Transit-Oriented Development (eTOD) enables all people regardless of income, race, ethnicity, age, gender, or ability to experience the benefits of dense, mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented development near transit. Come and hear a lively panel discussion on how thoughtful eTOD strategies on affordable housing, public health, and strong local businesses can address historical impacts and gaps in communities as well as mitigate for unintended displacements from transit investments. The panel will also cover practical approaches to overcoming institutional challenges related to funding and financing, coalition building, and getting to early eTOD wins.