Gold Line

​​​​​​​​​​CityLYNX Gold Line Phase 2​


​Phase 2 extends the current streetcar segment by 2.5 miles on the east and west ends of the line, creating an interim system of 4 miles. CityLYNX Gold Line Phase 2 will extend west 2 miles from the Charlotte Transportation Center to French Street, and east one-half mile along Hawthorne Lane from Novant Presbyterian Hospital to Sunnyside Avenue. 

Some highlights of Phase 2 include:
     •   11 additional stops

     •   S70 Siemens modern streetcar vehicles with hybrid technology

In conjunction with Phase 2 of the Gold Line Streetcar Project, various city improvements will be made along the corridor including the realignment of Frazier Avenue. This roadway realignment in Charlotte's Historic West End will align Frazier Avenue with Wesley Heights Way creating a four-way signalized intersection.

The streetcar will be critical in creating a transit focused and pedestrian oriented center city through developing an integrated transportation system of pedestrians, bikes, motor vehicles, transit, parking, and land development. The cost of Phase 2 is $150 million (provided through a 50/50 federal match).

Capital funding to cover the City’s 50% would come from unallocated and contingent capital accounts within the revenue sources, other than property taxes. Phase 2 was included in President Obama’s FY2016 budget for $75 million after the Federal Transit Administration’s Small Starts evaluation resulted in the project being rated “medium-high”.

Construction is projected to begin early 2017. Phase 2 service start date is projected in 2020.

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Gold Line