Envision My Ride

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What is Envision My Ride

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg region is rapidly growing and changing. Through the years our bus service has extended operating hours, implemented more neighborhood service, and improved customer amenities.  CATS recognizes that we need to continue to improve your bus system to better serve you, our customer, and we have listened to your feedback.   

Envision My Ride is a planning initiative to redesign the current bus system. Through this initiative, CATS took a comprehensive look at bus route structure and frequency to determine how to improve the system and better serve the Charlotte region.

Key Considerations for Envision My Ride Include:

  • Cross-town and suburb-to-suburb bus service
  • Connections between different bus routes and between bus and light rail 
  • More frequent service
  • More direct service

Where are We Now

CATS implemented Phase I of Envision My Ride in March 2018 to provide more bus connections to the newly opened LYNX Blue Line extension.

Phase II was implemented in October 2018 and involved a systemwide overhaul of our bus network to provide additional crosstown service and more connections throughout the Charlotte region.

Future Phases of Envision My Ride will continue to build upon these efforts by providing:

  • Increased frequency of 15-minutes or greater for several key routes
  • Additional bus routes to expand service into new areas

Envision My Ride: Bus Corridor Study

As CATS moves forward with planned frequency improvements and expansion plans, the Envision My Ride: Bus Corridor Study will begin to identify ways to enhance the speed and reliability of the bus network. This study will determine how corridor specific "bus treatments" can be implemented to provide quicker commutes for riders.

Examples of bus treatments include:

  • Dedicated bus only lanes to improve speed and reliability
  • Queue jumpers that allow buses to jump ahead at a traffic light
  • Transit signal priority for buses at key intersections

Additional components will focus on bus stop amenity improvements, mobility hub locations, and recommendations to improve the customer experience. 

To kick off this study, CATS and the Charlotte Department of Transportation implemented a dedicated bus/bike lane pilot program in Uptown Charlotte that began December 16, 2019.

CATS would like to hear from you, the customer. As the study moves forward, look for updates and opportunities to be engaged and to provide your input and suggestions.