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It's About Vision

A critical element of Charlotte's 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan is the Charlotte Gateway Station (CGS). This future multi-modal station will consolidate public transit and intercity transportation modes at Trade and Graham Streets in Uptown Charlotte. Several neighborhood and vision plans have been completed regarding development of the CGS. As a result, the CGS project is being implemented through a partnership between the City of Charlotte and the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The CGS Project will provide both long-distance travelers and local residents with greater accessibility throughout the region.​​​​

Photo of the Charlotte Gateway Station District noting the north, south, main and remote blocks

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Developm​ent Strategy

The Future


The CGS will bring together transportation services such as:

  • Inter-city Amtrak service (via the Piedmont, the Carolinian and the Crescent) as well as the proposed Southeast Corridor (SEC) extending from Washington D.C .through Raleigh, Charlotte, and Atlanta, Georgia.
  • CATS local and express bus services
  • CityLYNX Gold Line streetcar service
  • InterCity bus services
  • Taxi and ridesharing services
  • Improved bicycle and pedestrian access

A station with benefits:

  • Improved passenger travel experience through transit connections, savings in travel time, linkage to nearby attractions, destinations and modern amenities
  • Improved flow of freight and passenger service resulting in greater mobility of both goods and people. 


The Multi-Modal Station Area Plan

The CGS Project team has completed a transportation analysis and conceptual vision for the future CGS called the Multi-modal Station Area Plan (MSAP). The MSAP concept is not a specific design proposal, rather​ the plan identifies current priorities and reassesses transportation needs through the lens of a phased approach giving high priority to the completion of the multi-modal station so that Amtrak service can commence in Uptown Charlotte.

The Station District is composed of approximately 19 acres of publicly-owned land. It is anticipated that the development of these important parcels will occur through agreements between the public sector owners and future private sector developers.

The Main Block

The Main Block, at the intersection of South Graham and Trade Streets, can accommodate the station building as well as large scale private development and represents the "focal point" of the Station District, featuring iconic architectural elements; and high-density mixed-use development integrated with the multi-modal station. Under existing zoning criteria, the Main Block could accommodate:

  • 27,000 square foot passenger rail building (minimum)
  • 850,000 square foot private commercial development
  • 900 parking spaces on four levels of subsurface parking (200 reserved for rail customers)
  • Greenway access

A rendering of the main block looking south 

A view of the Main Block looking south​​

The South Block

The South Block is intended to accommodate local and intercity bus bays and services, integrated in a mixed-use development. Buses would enter the facility via Third Street, and exit the facility onto Fourth Street. 

  • 8,000 square foot customer amenity area
  • 6-10 bus bays
  • 14,000 square foot of potential retail space
  • 200 residential units on levels 2-8
  • 850-900 parking spaces on six levels of a parking deck
  • Greenway access​


The North Block

The North Block is intended to accommodate a private development building, possibly a hotel with retail on the ground floor. Wilkes Place, located between Trade and Fifth Streets, could serve as on-street drop-off lane.

  • 380,000 square foot hotel (10-12 floors) with retail on the ground floor
  • 400 parking spaces on three levels of subsurface or podium parking
  • Greenway access

The south block

The South Block

the north block 

​The North Block​

the main block and north block with greenway access 

The Main Block and North Block with greenway access


Check out what the Station District could look like from above!

What's Next?
  1. Completion of Phase 1 Design  -  End of 2017
  2. Start of utility relocation and start of Phase 1 construction -  Spring 2018
  3. Begin process of seeking private sector partners for Main Block, North & South Blocks, and reminder of District - Spring 2018

Read the full Multimodal Station Area Plan document or learn about the development strategy​. 

 ***All figures, costs and schedule information is subject to change. 

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