Current Projects

​West End Stops​​​

Artist, George Bates

George Bates' illustrative imagery blends depictions of the present day with an immense amount of historical research from the Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) archives, yearbooks and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. He showcases individual and collective histories while also illustrating iconic images that speak to the "slice of life" moments in Charlotte's West End. Much of Charlotte is laid out within a circular form, so he uses a circle motif in his designs to reference the city's growth, cultural intersections, complex relationships, and the value contained within them, which is also referenced in the title of his windscreens, The Worth of That, is That Which It Contains and That is This, and This With Thee Remains. The title comes from a 1954 JCSU yearbook excerpt referencing Shakespeare's sonnet 74. ​


In his windscreen glass imagery, Bates uses micro and macro figures and images, speaking to the specific and general histories of the area. He also references the unknown or unsung individual, all of whom contribute to their communities, revealed in the negative space created by the larger macro figures. On a more detailed level, iconic images can be seen such as Reginald Hawkins house, the Charlotte Hornets baseball team, Biddle University's Surveying Class, JCSU's Golden Bull and arc, Dorothy Counts-Scoggins, and the juxtaposition of custom car culture with an image of a horse drawn carriage. Bates describes his public work "not as an attempt to make anything, but rather reveal something that speaks to the individuals and community within." 

Artist Bio

George Bates is a New Jersey based artist who has created public art projects for the MTA and RTD. His work has been exhibited at the Laguna Art Museum in California, included in a variety of group shows in NYC, appeared in Los Angeles as a temporary public art project and exhibited as a solo show of his sketchbooks in Munich, Germany. His​ public art projects are a direct outgrowth of his interest in exploring the plastic nature of aesthetics, systems, communities, complexities, and the realities and satisfactions inherent in societal living in relation to Art. Bates is a graduate and now an Adjunct Professor at Parsons School of Design.